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Our Mission
Our mission is simple. The board of directors and the staff of The Refuge have an end goal in mind and that is to eradicate domestic violence from our community. 

Domestic Violence Offender’s Treatment and Intervention program. (DVOT/I).  Our 52 session H.E.A.L.(Helping Explore Accountable Lifestyles) has been shown to stop the abuse and give offenders the necessary tools and skills to move forward and have healthy, non-abusive lives.

Please visit our Facebook page for those couples who have used force in their relationships.

 B.E.A.R (Becoming Empowered, Accountable and Responsible) is a 16 session program for ages 13-17 which offers skills and tools to help those young people take control of their behavior and their lives.

Our Juvenile Non-violence program is available to those teens who have issues of violence and abuse in their lives whether or not they are involved in the Juvenile Justice System.

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Violence Awareness & Prevention Guide

Abusive behavior manifests in a number of ways, ranging from sexual and physical abuse seen in teen dating to school bullying and hate crimes against the LGBTQ community. The following guide identifies different forms of violence, offers information on how to recognize abuse, and provides resources to help victims find support services.


S.A.N.E. is short for Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner. These are registered nurses who have advanced, special training to do medical and forensic exams on people who have been sexually assaulted (raped).

Our S.A.N.E. program also provides an advocate who has been trained to provide emotional support for a victim during the exam.  The advocate also assists in helping the victim find other support programs, counseling and provides contact for the Crime Victims Reparation Fund. 

For more information on the S.A.N.E. program or to schedule an exam, please call our crisis line at 627-8361.  It is open 24/7

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Juvenile Violence Prevention Program

Our court advocate is available during business hours to offer assistance in providing referrals to Legal Aid and filling out the necessary documents for an Order of Protection.  Our advocate is not an attorney so she cannot tell you what to do but she can explain the steps and refer you to an attorney if necessary

Below is the link to access forms for do-it-yourself or you can pick up a packet at our Admin office during business hours.